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Heat Shrinkable Tape

Product Detail Information

SHAIC HT-330 is a hand wrapped heat shrinkable tape designed for corrosion protection of straight pipes, fittings, bends, elbows and other irregular configurations. It has a crosslinked polyethylene backing coated with butyl rubber based thermoplastic adhesive. When heated the backing layer shrinks and the adhesive flows and forms a reliable corrosion protection seal onto metal and adjacent coating surfaces. SHAIC HT-330 needs no primer nor patch closure and reduces application time and labour costs.

Long-term Corrosion Protection

After heating, formed corrosion protection seal, and strong backing provides outstanding waterproofing effect and high chemical resistance. SHAIC HT-330 resists impact, abrasion and ultraviolet light. Excellent resistance against cathodic disbondment, dielectric breakdown.

Simple Application

No Special skills, equipments, patch closure nor primer are needed. Its superior flexibility provides easy and reliable application for irregular configurations of fittings, bends and elbows and small diameter of straight pipes.

Wrap spirally the tape over foreign matters-free and preheated surface, beginning at least 25~50mm (1~2 ) onto pipe coating. Wrap the tape with enough tension to obtain conformability and with minimum 50% of overlapping, while removing the release liner. Warm the end part of the tape and press down firmly. Using a torch, start at the edge of the tape and heat circumferentially around the coated pipe.

Finish off by heating over the entire tape vertically to ensure a uniform adhesion and by using a roller or gloved hands to remove wrinkle and air.

Physical Properties

Properties Test Method Values
Inner Layer Softening Point ASTM E28 99°C(210°F)
Lap Shear DIN 30672(ASTM D1002) 20N/cm2(29psi)
Outer Layer Tensile Strength ASTM D638 15Mpa(2200psi)
Elongation ASTM D638 400%↑
Hardness ASTM D2240 40
Dielectric Breakdown ASTM D149 28kV
Tape Resistance ASTM G17 Pass holiday detection test with 10kV detector
Peel Strength ASTM D1000 28N/cm
Water Absorption ASTM D570 0.1%↓
Cathodic Disbondment ASTM G8 15mm
Adhesion Strength To P.E Lining ASTM D1000 20N/cm
To Steel Pipe 30N/cm
teel Pipe