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Three Layer Shrink Sleeve with Epoxy Primer

Product Detail Information

SHAIC HS-3401 three-layer heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve is designed for welded joint protection with epoxy primer of plastic coated steel pipelines. It has a thick crosslinked polyethylene backing coated with heat sensitive adhesive and two part of liquid epoxy primer. Apply epoxy primer to the pipe surface and then adhesive flows and forms a reliable corrosion protection seal onto epoxy and adjacent coating surfaces.

Long-Term Corrosion Protection

After heating, formed corrosion protection seal and strong backing provides outstanding waterproofing effect and high chemical resistance. SHAIC HS-3401 3-layer corrosion protection system resists impact, abrasion and ultraviolet light as well as excellent resistance against cathodic disbondment, dielectric breakdown.

Bulk Rolls

SHAIC HS-3401 is supplied in bulk rolls, which is cut in the field for any size of pipe. No need to drive to warehouse and just cut customized length in the field in time that reduces inventories and saves the cost & time.


  • Epoxy primer Base & Cure
  • Applicator pad
  • Mixing cup
  • Stirring stick
  • Roller
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Pump
  • Torch

Flexible Installation

SHAIC Heat Shrinkable sleeve can be used 3-layer or 2-layer installation upon your specific project requirement. Please contact with our representative for appropriate installation. Apply epoxy primer over foreign matter-free and preheated surface. Wrap the sleeve around the pipes. Fix the center of preheated patch closure on the overlapped end and start to heat sleeve in the center. Move the torch around pipe circumferentially to heat the left and the right of sleeve. Finish off by heating vertically over the entire sleeve to ensure a uniform adhesion and by using a roller or gloved hands to remove wrinkle and air.

Accompanying Equipment

hand roller for straight
applicator pad
digital thermometer
mixing cup
stirring stick